You don’t have to wear high heels to attempt to be a ShoeperWoman

It’s miserable that it even must be said these days, yet I was irritated to peruse this week about London-based secretary, Nicola Thorp, who was sent home from work in the wake of declining to wear high heels to her position at PwC.

I mean, seriously?

Look, nobody cherishes heels more than I do: I practically live in the things, and wouldn’t have it each other way.

Not every person is that way, however: or even WANTS to be that way – and that is impeccably OK.

I know huge amounts of ladies who either can’t wear heels or simply don’t have any desire to: some discover them awkward, others have medical problems that make heel-wearing risky for them – and a few ladies simply don’t care for them. Which is reasonable enough, right? That is to say, dislike there are no different choices, or that you can’t glance proficient in a couple of low heels or pads. You completely can: yet when Nicola Thorp called attention to that wearing a savvy pair of pads wouldn’t influence the nature of her work in any capacity by any means – and that wearing heels WOULD in light of the fact that she couldn’t stroll in them – she was advised to proceed to purchase a couple of heels, or return home.

So she returned home: since what other choice did she have, truly? Would it be advisable for her to have been compelled to go through the whole day in distress, or incapable to walk, simply to meet an uncalled for and prejudicial clothing regulation?

Furthermore, look: I comprehend clothing standards, as well. I used to oversee individuals in a client support job, and would sometimes need to address the issue of individuals going up to work in outfits that weren’t proper for a business setting. As an entrepreneur, in the interim, in the event that I utilized an individual from staff who would have been meeting customers as an aspect of their responsibilities, I would totally anticipate that they should be dressed expertly. What I wouldn’t expect, notwithstanding, would be for them to wear something that made them awkward, or which kept them from moving around uninhibitedly, simply to satisfy MY concept of what looks alluring.

Since let’s be honest: this isn’t about PwC needing their female staff to look “proficient”, right? There’s nothing intrinsically “amateurish” about a couple of low-obeyed shoes, all things considered, so they can’t in any way, shape, or form contend that an individual from staff wearing them would ponder gravely the organization picture. No, what this is truly about is a misinformed a good old thought that ladies should look truly “appealing” – and that the best way to do that is by adjusting to a specific generalization, including heels. Much appreciated, PwC, for demonstrating indeed that even in 2016, ladies are as yet being essentially decided by their own appearance, and expected to look “appealing” no matter what. Who cares on the off chance that you can carry out the responsibility, all things considered – insofar as you’re doing it in heels, that is the only thing that is important to certain businesses.

I commend Nicola Thorp for persevering – in her low-obeyed shoes! – against this sort of sexism: I’m recently disheartened that such a stand even should be made.

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